Welcome! Why Choose Us?

Consulting is just one of the many services we provide, here at Smarter Solutions. We pride ourselves on customer service and satisfaction. We aim to meet every expectation. We start by cutting the cost of I.T. while maintaining that expected level of service. Customer service is number one on our agenda and while you might think that cost cutting eliminates or reduces this, you would be wrong. We have the knowledge and the techniques to bring all of the benefits and a whole lot more, to you and your business. How do we do that?

**Remote Support Now Available**

We are now able to bring remote assisted support to our line of services including secure VPN connections from home to office.

STARTING UPThe Assessment

We assess the types of services/products your business currently use and what could possibly be used in the future. This is essential for understanding how the business functions and what it's needs are without over spending. No one wants to pay for services or features they are not going to need or have a use for.


Deciding on the kinds of solutions your business needs, involves delopment and research. We feel it's important to development and research right down to the core, to lower or even avoid any down time or interruptions.

PlanningNeed Help?

This is the final step before deployment. When planning to deploy the proposed solution, it's absolutely vital to interact with, you, the customer. From an I.T standpoint, planning the deployment of a solution, service or product, must be done well and with little or no impact on the business operation.

INTEGRATIONExploit your ideas

When the agreed solution and implementation are ready, it's then time to schedule the integration.


Quadland Corporation
Local Business, Hubbard, OH.

Quadland Corporation.

"The service is outstanding!! It's customer service at it's best. We simply text or make a call and Smarter Solutions respond. The best part, we can afford to have professional I.T. again."

100% Genuine Customer
Cox Garage Doors
Local Business, New Castle, PA.

Cox Garage Doors.

"Smarter Solutions has been extremely responsive to our needs. He has done well to make sure we are running as efficiently as possible and when we do have an issue he is there to resolve it quickly and follows up to make sure things are as they should be. Whether it is a hardware, software or network issue, James has proven to be the consummate authority. I have and will continue to recommend him to anyone that needs a top notch IT professional."

100% Genuine Customer
Local Business, Hubbard, OH.

Joseph F. Burke Corporation

"Our computers were out of date, slow and in need of replacing. Smarter Solutions was recommended to us and they have taken care of my business needs and one day we might go eCommerce"

100% Genuine Customer